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our services
1.Slope cracks are repaired
2.Selling from bathroom or seepage in hair is repaired
3.If the slope is cracked
4.If there is sealing or wale seepage from the bathroom
5.If dampness are seen on the wall of the house
6.if you see join problem from two house
7.When water enters the underground
8.If water is lost in the water tank or enters the water outside
9.If there is seepage from the ceiling to the wall or ceiling
10.If water comes from electric switch or pipe line
11.If water comes from the part between the house and the Zinc
12.If the pillar is cracked
13.If there is any cracked in the wall
14.Increase the size of the pillar and make it stronger
15.If the rod has to be made rust-free
16.If the slope needs to be strong
17.f there is any problem with the slope
18.If you have to set a quick slope in a rainy place
19.If the tile or marble has to be pushed hard

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